Weekend Level Up

Daily Prizes: Win Big Every Day!


How to Join

  1. Promotion is open to all NUSTAR Rewards members.
  2. Patron must earn a minimum of 150 Rewards Points within the specific promotion period.
  3. Once points have been earned, patron can redeem the rewards at the Rewards Club counter the following day.
  4. Redemption is capped at one (1) reward per patron per promotion day.
  5. Patrons can redeem rewards such as vouchers, gaming credits or raffle tickets for the nearest date of Raffle Draw.
  6. All active Travel, Stay, and Play program players will be excluded from this promotion.

NUSTAR reserves the right to modify, change or amend the rules, prizes, and mechanics of this promotion, in consultation with PAGCOR.


Terms and conditions

GLDD Reference No. 23-06906

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit the NUSTAR Rewards counter for more details.

Gaming for 21 years old and above only. Keep it fun. Game responsibly.