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Axis Entertainment Bar opens in NUSTAR Resort and Casino

As an island of new spectacle and new flavors, NUSTAR Resort and Casino has created another oasis for indulgence, and is heightening the leisure and entertainment experience for guests with the opening of Axis Sports and Entertainment Bar.

Located right on the Casino floor, across from the NUSTAR Gaming Stadium, Axis lets guests step away from the action while still staying close to it. Axis was designed to excite all five senses through its entertainment experience, service, and culinary execution.

It boasts a chic dining atmosphere and a luxurious lounge experience, making it a perfect spot to unwind with friends. Its massive screens, state-of-the-art sound system, and plush seats transform it into a venue for big-time sports-viewing. Axis also features a menu that includes bar chow and craft cocktails.

House specials to try are the rosemary-rubbed charred chicken, sticky adobo riblets, grilled salmon, and steak and fries. Its iterations of crowd-favorite bar chow such as truffled chicken skin and popcorn, beef pares tacos, fish and camote chips, sizzling sisig, and buffalo chicken wings must not be missed.

Aside from a premium selection of whiskies and wines, Axis also has its signature cocktails and mocktails that are cleverly presented. The Batirol, for one, is inspired by a local drink and has coconut wine, rum, orange compote, lemon juice, and egg white with a hint of spice. The tableside presentation features a batirol, a traditional wooden tool typically used to whisk sikwate or hot chocolate.

The mocktails, named after the four seasons, are as refreshing as they are colorful and delicious. It is also worth noting that Axis’ beverages are made with local ingredients. It champions sustainability through the products and accessories it uses such as straws and cocktail picks.

Guests can look forward to enjoying live entertainment in the spacious 80-seat lounge. More live performances from different acts such as dance, magic shows, comedy shows, and DJs will keep guests coming back.

At Axis Sports and Entertainment Bar, guests can end their week on a high note with its wealth of entertainment options, and pair the good times with a cocktail or an ice-cold brew, as Axis makes their nights come alive and turn them into stories.

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