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NUSTAR’s 3D LED Billboard: The First Curved “Jumbotron” in the Country

As an “Island of New Celebrations,” NUSTAR Resort and Casino is launching the country’s largest 3D LED billboard or jumbotron, which is also the only one in the Visayas and Mindanao. Measuring 620 square meters, NUSTAR’s 3D LED billboard is expected to be captivating, iconic, entertaining, and adventurous. To effectively deliver on its promise of being the ultimate leisure and entertainment destination in the region, NUSTAR is taking on another feat with the launching of this 3D LED billboard just in time for the grand return of the Sinulog.

“This display gives viewers a more creative and immersive experience, for a more engaging and effective storytelling,” says Katrina Mae de Jesus, Director for Business Development and Brand Marketing, Universal Hotels and Resorts Inc. She adds that come Sinulog day, January 15, NUSTAR’s billboard will also play a role in the kick-off of the grand parade at the South Road Properties. “It will be our pleasure to be part of this very grand Sinulog Festival, which has been sorely missed not only by local tourists but at the same time our guests from all over the world. It’s time to celebrate and have fun.”

The New Star of the Sinulog

As the “Island of New Celebrations” and the new star of the Sinulog festivities, NUSTAR Resort and Casino is adding another feather in its cap with the launch of its 3D LED billboard. With this technology being as iconic as the brand and the Sinulog, NUSTAR is all set to celebrate the grandest and most captivating festival in the Philippines.

After a three-year hiatus, the Sinulog marks its return this year with a full-scale celebration that is still anchored in faith and gratitude. With the events and activities leading up to Sinulog Sunday on January 15, 2023, Cebu’s rich and vibrant culture and heritage take center stage, and NUSTAR is proud to be one with the island province in commemorating this fete.

The Technology

Combining billboard advertising and 3D technology on massive LED screens, 3D billboards require precise calculations and creativity. They can produce a three-dimensional visual of just about anything, from a movie trailer to a sneaker ad.

This technology works on the principle of “forced perspective,” which is a technique that uses an object’s scale and the audience’s vantage point to make something appear larger, smaller, nearer, or far from the spectator.

Through 3D technology, two images taken from different angles are combined and put into a single clip. That is how the viewers’ left and right eyes see the subject from different points, and the brain recognizes the visuals in three-dimensional depth. In order to achieve this illusion, curved displays with two faces are usually employed.

NUSTAR’s promotional campaigns, both static and digital, are regularly flashed on the 3D LED billboard to include hotel and food and beverage promotions to casino jackpots, tournaments, and raffle draws.

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