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Cebu City is no stranger to international events. Every year, the Queen City of the South hosts numerous conferences and conventions that gather experts in different fields from all over the world, along with movers and shakers in their respective areas of specialization. 

NUSTAR Resort and Casino, the newest integrated resort in the province, presents a selection of venue options for event organizers who want an impressive, value-laden event for their guests. Here are 7 reasons why you should seriously consider NUSTAR as your international event venue in Cebu 

A Centrally Accessible Location 

Occupying a 9-hectare plot of land at Kawit Point, NUSTAR Resort & Casino is located at the heart of the city. The integrated resort, which sits right along Cebu Strait and the CCLEX, is just a stone’s throw away from various commercial establishments and transportation hubs. It’s also just a 45-minute drive from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the second busiest airport in the Philippines and the main gateway to the Central Visayas region. The venue is clearly in an advantageous location, making it a perfect option for events that cater to attendees from all over the world. 

Adequate Space for Guests 

NUSTAR Resort and Casino is home to several events venues. The biggest and grandest, NUSTAR Convention Center, covers an area of 2,499 square meters and can seat as many as 2,541 people in a theater-style arrangement. Smaller events can fit into Conference Centers A, B, and C which, at maximum capacity, can seat up to 726, 1,080, and 726 attendees, respectively. Depending on the seating arrangement, the largest event venue can be organized to have enough space for just 694 people, while the smaller convention centers can fit 203, 291, and 200 people, respectively. NUSTAR also has a theater, as well as lavishly decorated ballrooms and function rooms that can be booked for business milestones and personal celebrations. 

Flexible Layout and Seating Options 

Of course, the seating arrangement for NUSTAR’s event venues can be customized according to the needs of your event. This way, you can easily strike a balance between having enough space for everyone and avoiding making your venue feel empty for the number of guests that you have. These event spaces can accommodate different seating styles such as banquet, cocktail, theater, classroom, and boardroom. A hollow square or U-shaped seating can also be arranged if your event calls for an expansive floor space for various activities or competitions. You can check out our factsheet for more information.  

Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Technology 

To do justice to the world-class event that you are planning, and especially your esteemed guests’ presentations, you’ll need a venue that makes use of cutting-edge audiovisual technology—and NUSTAR offers just that. We have a team of highly skilled audiovisual technicians who can assist you in setting up the lighting, audio, and presentation equipment that you need. With the help of the latest tools and technologies, you’ll be able to screen presentations, host live-streaming events, and invite your audience from all over the world to participate in your activities and discussions.  

Plush Amenities for Event Participants 

Rest assured that during your event at NUSTAR, your guests, speakers, and participants will have easy access to a sufficient number of much-needed amenities. The event venues at NUSTAR have their own well-appointed restrooms, and there are also breakout rooms where attendees can have focused discussions and smaller dedicated gatherings. The convention spaces are also easily accessible via stairs and elevators. These facilities contribute to the event attendees’ comfort and overall experience. 

Top-Notch Catering and Food Services 

Good food is a crucial part of a world-class event, and NUSTAR does not scrimp when it comes to gastronomy. The resort’s in-house restaurants and catering services can provide your guests and attendees with excellent food options that meet different tastes and dietary restrictions. Aside from the dining options found at Fili Hotel, there’s also a mall at the resort complex. Here, you can find restaurants, cafes, and dining establishments that offer different cuisines and cater to a wide range of budgets. At NUSTAR, your attendees will never run out of choices for nourishing and scrumptious meals.  

World-Class Accommodations 

Many international conventions and events tend to last more than a day, so it’s a must for venues that cater to these activities to be in proximity to excellent accommodation options. The good news is that NUSTAR Resort & Casino has its own hotels. Fili is a Filipino-themed accommodation that offers panoramic views of the sea and the city, while NUSTAR’s upcoming namesake hotel presents rooms, facilities, and services that redefine luxury. By booking your speakers and guests at NUSTAR Resort and Casino, you can rest assured that they’ll have an easy time reaching the convention venue. 


Are you planning an international event in Cebu City? Get in touch with NUSTAR today so we can present you with options that will meet your needs and help you plan an event that will make a positive mark on your attendees.